Make Windows 10 Blazing Fast

 | Posted by Joel Weinmaster

So I recently upgraded both my laptop and desktop to Windows 10 (cue 2015 jokes). The reason I didn’t upgrade is that I use my computer as a profession so I’m always slow to upgrade to make sure they get all the kinks out before I upgrade.

I purchased my Lenovo laptop a couple years ago which has an Core i7 processor but always was a bit sluggish. Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 and it was even worse. I went online and found the tutorial link below and now my laptop is blazing fast, so now I’m loving Windows 10. I recommend following all of the instructions at the following link:

Clear here for Master Tutorial to Make Windows 10 Super Fast

As a bonus, I’ve also learned how to free up disk space to have more free space after your Windows 10 upgrade. Keep in mind that after doing this you will NOT be able to revert back to your previous version of Windows if for some reason you decided you didn’t like Windows 10. Also, this will not work if you installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 (OEM / It came with your computer).

BONUS: Clear up 15-25 GB of space in Windows 10:

Go to Explorer (Windows Key + E)

Right click Local Disk (C:) or wherever you have Windows installed and select properties.

Click “Disk Clean Up”

Click “Clean up system files”

Check “Temporary Windows installation files”

Check “Previous Windows installation(s)”

Click Ok, and you’re done!


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